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Get Your ERC Funds NOW with The ERTC Buyout Program

No Monthly Payments: Unlike traditional loans, the ERTC buyout program does not require ongoing monthly payments. This alleviates cash flow constraints for businesses.
Quick Funding Process: The funding process typically takes around 2 weeks to complete, ensuring timely access to capital for operational needs.
Flexibility: Businesses can use the funded amount for various purposes, such as covering payroll expenses, investing in growth initiatives, or addressing immediate financial challenges.
The ERTC buyout program is designed to provide businesses with immediate access to a significant portion of their anticipated ERTC credits. Under this program, an investor purchases 80% of the full credit amount, offering a streamlined funding process without the burden of monthly payments or debt servicing obligations. For example, if your ERTC claim amounts to $1 million, the buyout program could fund up to $800,000 upfront.

Don't wait for an unspecified amount of time for your ERC to clear. Get access to your funds.

Required Documents for Submission
-ERTC Claim Documentation
-Business Financial Statements
-Proof of Eligibility for ERTC-Benefit from tax
-Business Entity Documentation
-Other Financial Records as Requested

How to Get Started
You can get started by calling in,
646-821-1265 and speaking with a
member of our team. Or schedule a
time to speak with us here.
"Feel free to call directly or schedule a 15 phone call with us to learn more about how this can enhance your firm."
- Matthew Elling