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Which Hard Money Loan Is Right for You?

Commercial Bridge Loans

When acquiring a commercial property, it may take some time to make necessary improvements or secure appropriate tenants. A bridge loan provides short-term financing to cover this gap. Additionally, we offer bridge loans to small business owners seeking funds for properties they already own outright or where they have significant equity.

Commercial Bail Out Loans

As a direct lender, we can act quickly on transactions and have the flexibility to underwrite and close loans that traditional banks may decline. This includes commercial bail out loans for borrowers who have missed payments, were in forbearance, or are actively in default. We customize loans to each situation to assist the borrower in navigating through challenging circumstances. Our loans can close in as little as five days to help save a property and give the borrower a path to a long-term solution.

Fix and Flip Hard Money Loans

For investors or property flippers looking to purchase properties needing cash or hard money for renovations, consider our fix and flip hard money loans. These loans provide up to 85% of the purchase price and rehab costs. With no prepayment penalties, you can sell the property as soon as you're ready.

Private Line of Credit

A private line of credit allows you to access capital quickly, with interest payments only on the amount withdrawn. Borrowers use this option when they have a specific need for funds but don't require it all at once. This flexible solution enables you to lock in rates, save on interest, and make quick withdrawals when needed, all with minimal documentation requirements like our other programs.


Residential Rehab

If you want to buy residential real estate, make improvements, and hold it long-term for steady income, you may need to quickly obtain necessary resources to secure desirable properties. Only cash-rich buyers usually have this advantage. Our hard money residential rehab loans with same-day pre-qualification help you stay competitive!

Cash-Out Refinance

Our cash-out refinance loans are ideal for purchasing commercial or residential properties. Traditional lenders often have strict requirements that exclude many potential buyers. With our cash-out refinance loans, you can access cash now by refinancing an existing mortgage for a higher amount. We expedite the process to provide you with immediate cash!

Buy and Hold Hard Money Loans

Investors seeking monthly income or to build a real estate portfolio in a strong market can benefit from our buy and hold hard money loans. These loans help you purchase rental properties. We understand the need to move swiftly when opportunities arise, offering application, appraisal, and approval processes that can be completed in just a few days. This ensures you can negotiate effectively with the property owner. We offer long-term financing up to 20 years with partial or full amortization.

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Distressed Property

Distressed properties present excellent financial opportunities for buyers and investors. Banks and owners often seek quick sales and prefer buyers with cash on hand. We guide you to the best properties on the market and offer same-day pre-qualification for hard money loans.

Foreign Real Estate Investors

For foreign nationals and non-U.S. residents, obtaining financing to start a business or purchase investment real estate in the U.S. can be challenging. At American Capital Group, we believe investing in the American dream should be accessible. We lend on real estate, and as long as your investment aligns with business goals and makes financial sense, we work to help you secure the loan you need for your investment plans.

Loans for Airbnb Properties

Short-term rental properties such as those listed on Airbnb or VRBO can generate substantial rental income, surpassing traditional single-family and multifamily rental properties. However, conventional lenders often hesitate to fund loans for short-term rentals. At American Capital Group, we see the value in these investments and provide the hard money loans needed to purchase and renovate properties for the short-term rental market.

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